Nutty (Jazz) – March 15

Remember when the Rat Pack held court at the Vegas Sands, martinis were a lunch staple, and jazz clubs were the place to be? Welcome to Nutty, a musical magic act chock full of irreverent humor, surprises, hard-swingin’ jazz and Latin rhythms. It’s a seamless blend of jazz & classic rock ‘n roll mashups fronted by swank crooner Sonny Moon along with 7 top players from the LA Jazz scene making their East Coast debut. It’s Jetsetter Jazz – musical martinis that are spiked, shaken and stirred!

Sponsored by:  M&T Bank

Join us Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM

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Nutty Concert Song Menu

Set 1


It’s simple: Frankenstein meets the Munsters.  And there are lyrics that Edgar Winter didn’t even know about! Who knew?!

Pleasant Valley Monkday

Yes, Thelonious was the fifth Monkee, as evidenced here in this ‘Pre-Fab Four’ tune chock full of Monk snippets.  Dig.

Magic ‘Trane Ride

Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride, with John Coltrane signatures all over it, in 3/4 time no less.  This waltz is the swingin’est!

Jive Barracuda

Cannonball Adderley takes Heart, and another great rocker, Barracuda, goes Latin.  Like swimmin' with sharks.

I'd Dig You To Dig Me

If somebody handed this chart to Count Basie and Sinatra walked in, Cheap Trick would sound something like this.

Tired Of Strollin’

A unique blend of Mingus’ Strollin’ and the Kinks’ Tired Of Waiting For You, with a little Goodbye Pork Pie Hat for openers.  Shaken and poured into a chilled glass, it goes down smooth.

The Impossible Past

Jethro Tull’s tune is seamlessly layered over Lalo Schifrin’s Mission Impossible theme as though they were one and the same soundtrack.  There's a sudden 13-bar outburst of Zeppelin's Four Sticks chasing the piano solo just to see if you're paying attention.  Spy jazz at its nuttiest!

Hold Your Tongue

Argent’s anthemic Hold Your Head Up saunters along Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil, (led byWitch Hunt).  Watch out for the Zombies!

No More Mr. Cave Guy

Alice Cooper's No More Mr. Nice Guy with a Flintstones soundtrack and a percussion dance in the middle of the madness.  Yabba dabba doo!

Paranoid Cat

This number takes Black Sabbath into Brazil 66, Jobim and Getz territory, complete with floating flute around some vocal swagger.  Oba!  Oba!  Oba!

Set 2

Miles And Miles And Miles

The Who's I Can See For Miles, gone Latin, trumpeting several familiar song references that pay homage to Miles Davis.  Milestones, indeed!

The Sunglasses Crowd

ZZ Top is selling cheap shades to the In Crowd out of Ramsey Lewis's vehicle.  Sound off if you've got a pair!

That Old Black Magic Woman 

Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer meet Santana at the Copa Lounge in this swanky juxtaposition of voodoo romance!  The nuttiest!

(Make It A) Double Vision

Swig this one down from a tall glass.  Swanky crime jazz with some gumshoe narrative make this Foreigner tune extra noir and sassy.

Four On KISS

Wes Montgomery’s Four On Six runs, head-on, into Detroit Rock City like Mad Max in a Mack Truck.  Rock and jazz all night, party every day!

This Here Madly Medley

A sultry medley centered around Love Her Madly, with extra Doors parts included, all waltzing to Bobby Timmons’s gospel soul piece, This Here.

Purple Panther

The Pink Panther sashays through Purple Haze in this cosmic collaboration between Hendrix and Mancini.  That colorful cat is the most!

Tunisian Runaround

Yes, a Yes song, spinning Long Distance Runaroundinto A Night In Tunisia like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. From Latin to swing and back.


Eric Clapton's soulful lament from his Dominos days, Layla, collides with the Duke Jordan jazz classic Jordu, complete with shout vocals and a Stanley Kowalski moment: Hey Layla!

Just Wart I Needed

Les Brown’s Leap Frog opens this take on the Cars with big band energy, with a bit of Gary Numan’shit, Cars, bridged in toward the end for a little more torque!

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